This will be a short post. I just wanted to share with you all how I’m gonna go about writing this blog.

While I was driving to work today, I gave it some more thought and I decided to put my organization skills to use and classify my posts in different categories (did I already tell you I have OC tendencies?). The categories, of course, would be my Keep Calm and Do What tips! Brilliant idea, right? (sound of applause right here) I got so excited ‘coz it means I can write about pretty much anything and everything under the sun. Like if I want to write about a book that I just read, I’ll put it under the Keep Calm and Read category. Or if I want to write about a restaurant that I’ve been to, then it’ll be under…..yes, Keep Calm and Eat, you get the point.

I will try to keep the categories as high level as possible of course, so I can fit in more topics, tips and ideas. This, hopefully, will keep me busy writing, and keep you busy reading. I can’t wait to start!!! πŸ™‚