As I sit here writing this, I wonder how I ended up spending my lazy Saturday morning making Choc Nut Ice Cream. The answer to that is easy— because I love this guy, my dear husband, my strongest supporter, my best-est friend. And I would go to the ends of the earth to find a recipe for this ice cream flavor that he loves so much ❀


Fortunately, I didn’t even have to step out of my kitchen to find that recipe. All I did was say “Hey Siri, find me the best Choc Nut ice cream recipe out there” and voila! I have it! To Raymund of Ang Sarap (a Tagalog word for “It’s Delicious”), you will forever have my gratitude and appreciation for sharing the love and posting this recipe on your blog.

It was a good thing I had all the ingredients on hand, and I finally got to use the Cuisinart ice cream maker that we won from a Christmas raffle in 2014. I actually tried to get rid of it a couple of months ago because it was occupying precious pantry space, but it was then that my husband brought up the idea that maybe one day, I can try making ice cream out of Choc Nuts.


So what makes this Choc Nut Ice Cream very special? For starters, both of us are huge fans of Choc Nut. It’s a peanut milk chocolate bar, a simple, local and homespun version of Reese’s, but waaay better in my opinion. Where you probably would eat 4 or 5 Reese’s and say you’ve had enough, you’d just keep devouring 1 Choc Nut bar after another until you realized you’ve finished the entire pack. It’s part of our childhood, and more importantly, it’s part of our love story. You see, back in the day, he used to pretend to ignore me (my blog, my version). But one day, I ended up getting invited to lunch at Uva, a restaurant in Greenbelt where he was also having lunch with our common friends. We ended up ordering and enjoying Choc Nut Ice Cream for dessert and realized that it was just one of the many things that we had in common. We always look back at that time with fondness and promised ourselves that we would go back to Uva and order this delectable dessert, now as husband and wife. But Uva’s not there anymore, and even if there’s a new restaurant that serves it, Manila is a good 9,000 miles, 20 hours and $1,600 per person away. But no need to worry, because now that we’ve got the recipe and the tools, we can just make it and create new memories and feel nostalgic anytime.

After 16 hours of waiting, the Choc Nut Ice Cream’s finally ready. And it didn’t disappoint. One spoonful and I was back to that happy place and it made me smile. And seeing him happy to be reunited with this treat and hear him say “You make dreams come true” is enough for me to say I’m gonna make it again, soon 😊❀