I remember how my dad used to buy several boxes of these sweet, yummy, and milky, melt-in-your mouth delicacy. Pastillas de leche is a sweet treat made of milk and sugar that originated in the town of San Miguel in Bulacan. The classic recipe calls for whole milk, powdered milk, sugar and butter cooked on the stovetop. Thereโ€™s also a no-cook version, which I personally prefer over the classic one.

Where we used to buy it in the Philippines, it comes in a box of 24 milk pastilles individually wrapped in a small piece of white card stock with an outer covering of parchment paper. It can either be in the shape of a tiny log or rolled up into balls of milky goodness

Pastillas de Leche

I remember how my sister and I would play tricks on each other by eating the pastillas, rolling up the empty wrapper again and putting it back in the box. I can still recall the happiness and the ensuing frustration when one of us would get to the box, thinking thereโ€™s more left, only to realize theyโ€™re all empty.

When I had kids of my own, I, of course introduced them to this special treat. We bought so much of them that I decided to just learn how to make them, and itโ€™s suuuper easy!!! I remember making several batches and just putting it in containers in the refrigerator so they can enjoy them anytime.

Today (after 13 years), I made them again, and seeing my family enjoy this milky treat brought a smile to my face. It brought back happy memories of my childhood, and happy memories of my dad. And of course, rolling and shaping them into tiny balls were oh so therapeutic ๐Ÿ˜Š

Pastillas de Le-Che ๐Ÿ’•

Making them is easy. Just pour 1 can of condensed milk in a bowl. Fold in 3 cups of powdered milk (I used Nido). Mix well until the consistency is like dough. Take a small portion and roll it into a ball or a cylinder. Roll in a bowl of granulated sugar until covered. Enjoy!!!