Che' Chats: Candid Convos with Che

If a story is in you, it has got to come out — William Faulkner

About Me


Pinay Wife and Mom of 3 Kids (and a dog) | Psych Nurse | Hypothyroid Sufferer | Wannabe Guitarist | Confessed Shopaholic


Being all of the above and more means my life is never stress-free. But I try to make the most of each day by finding ways to de-stress and keep calm. I have always found solace in writing, so here I am.


I am passionate about a LOT of things — mom and wife tips, love and life, parenting, traveling, reading, writing, cooking and baking, makeup and skin care products, health and diet tips, mental health, dealing with hypothyroidism, stress management, etc., etc….and that’s what my stories are about.


Join me as I blog my way to calmness and share a piece of myself with you. I hope you enjoy every bit of it as much as I do.

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